Citizen G

Revolutionary Makeup for the Conscious Teen


Makeup + Be Free

When besties grow up to have daughters at the same time and those daughters start wearing makeup and the makeup options are scary and full of toxins--you build a revolutionary makeup for conscious teens. That's just what LA-based Citizen G did.

We were brought in to the process to design the packaging and branding for their first launch of clean cosmetics for the teen set. Working with manufacturers we helped build it all from their component and packaging to their brand feel to the Citizen G social media strategy, launch and life.


Services Provided



  • Strategy
  • Packaging Design
  • Brand Persona
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Content
  • Digital Ads
  • Voice
  • Crowd Funding Launch


  • Naming
  • Manufacturing Sourcing
  • Die Lines
  • Renders


  • Market Research
  • Mood Boards